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Tsubaki oil

     This oil is also found under the name of camellia oil and is an oil extracted from the cold pressing of the seeds of camellia japonica, a shrub native to Japan and China. In addition to this name, it is also found under the name “Winter Rose”, because it curiously blooms this season, with extreme temperatures, which makes its seeds develop important antioxidant, protective and repairing components.

     Researchers say that it has been used by Japanese women as a cosmetic product since the eighth century and is still part of the most important beauty ritual of Japanese women and, of course, geisha, famous for its perfect skin.

     How is it used? How to get the perfect skin of a geisha?

     Specialists say that it can be used on the face, because it is like a cleanser and has the role of moisturizing and protecting people’s faces.

     The simple ritual consists of:

  • First you need to clean your face with a cotton ball until there are no traces of dirt.
  • Then I recommend washing your face with a vegetable soap.
  • Then apply a water or floral tonic to relax the skin.
  • And again, tsubaki oil is applied as a moisturizing and protective base even on the eye contour and décolleté, as it provides shine, protection and smoothness.
  • Some people still use it on their hair to give it shine and strength by applying a small amount with wet hands as if it were a serum. And on the body as a repairer and healer, alone or mixed with other oils or creams.

     What skin type is camellia oil suitable for?

     Due to its characteristics that give it a light texture and fast absorption, it can be used by all skin types, even those prone to acne.

     People need to know that this type of oil does not make the skin oily. There is a belief that oils lubricate the face and promote the formation of pimples. Nothing further from reality.

     This oil, in fact like many other vegetable oils, is a non-comedogenic oil, ie it does not clog pores, as seems to be the case with petroleum-derived mineral oils.

     In conclusion, tsubaki oil is very good for any skin type: fluid, repairing, with a pleasant aroma and many uses. An oil as perfect as the skin of a geisha.