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DroneX Pro

DroneX PRO – a precision engineered drone

When buying a drone, you want to make the most cost-effective choice, for the most solid features. DroneX PRO is the best choice terms of the functionality and the durability.  DroneX PRO has a foldable structure, a light wear design and its easy to fly. It combines quality at a fordable price.

DroneX PRO is revolutionary and will offer you an amazing adventure. By using this drone, you fly and fly inside and you can record easily on the move.

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DroneX Pro

DroneX Pro

When combining the love for drones with a revolutionary design – DroneX PRO

The engineers of DroneX PRO were drone users and fans, so they could understand the needs on this market. The existing drones were too heavy, big, not practical. And more, the prices were too high for the offers and the experiences were limited.

So, they projected DroneX PRO to use whenever you feel it, without being limited by its weight and features. DroneX is the answer for those that love using drones. Its compact, light, easy to fly, portable and the price is incredibly low.

As we live in the technology epoch, DroneX PRO allows live-stream and doing records on your phone. So, it`s a top model, revolutionary in functionalities and price.

DroneX PRO – Special features for outstanding experiences

The engineers designed DroneX PRO with special features (fast, controllable, portable…) at the best price. They have obtained a cost-effective drone, without sacrificing its options.


DroneX PRO is small, feats in your pockets. But that doesn`t mean it`s not fast or that its quality is lower. In fact, it lets the user go further – up to 2km, but faster – up to 12 meters per second.

  1. EASY CONTROL for both – a begginer and a pro

DroneX PRO has Gravity Sensor, Slo-mo Mode, Panorama Mode and more. But it`s easy to control and use, so its suitable for the beginners and also for professionals.


Having has pre-programmed camera shoots, lets the least technical users enjoy a technical experience. You can impress your family and friends with videos from incredible angles and with the coolest selfies!

In a click of a button, DroneX PRO offers you a great footage. The DroneX PRO special effects – boomerang and asteroid shots are the answer for both – professionals and every user.

DroneX Pro

DroneX Pro

DroneX PRO – easy to use and low price

DroneX PRO is easy to use, intuitive and tinny as a smartphone. You just have to scan the QR code in the manual, plug the battery, connect your phone and start the app. You will use Drone X in less than 10 seconds!

The price of DroneX PRO is $99 (139 AUD) if you buy it online and $199.97 in shops. The online deal is 50 %, so buy DroneX PRO from the official website, download the drone app and connect it to your phone (Android & IOS). And… GO for the most OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCES with DRONEX PRO!

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