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Tactical G700 Flashlight

Ask any adventurer, police person, or survivalist and they would explain you how crucial it is to have a torch at all times when you are out in the open.

When it comes to man versus nature, an ordinary flashlight is not going to be of much help. The bulky plastic halogen flashlights with C or D type batteries are hardly of any help when you are out in the wilderness. They are easily breakable and extremely dim. Moreover you won’t need to change the batteries quite often. The G700 comes with a superb zoom feature along with a SOS mode and strobe mode. While the SOS mode would immediately signal for help in case you are lost or in danger, the strobe mode would produce a massive frequency mitigating any threat within minutes. So if you are looking out for a dependable power efficient torch light which also doubles up as a heavy weapon you need to get yourself a Tactical G700 flashlight.

The technology used in the G700 was originally developed for the US military and its purpose was to serve the Marine Corps in combat. On the search for a very powerful tactical LED flashlight that can focus a specific subject on a large distance they developed a technology that can project a beam of light capable of reaching up to 2,000 feet.
Designed for the military, the Tactical G700 has multiple combat purposes. The most notable however is the one that disorients a subject. The light beam that the LED chip is producing is so powerful that it can blind a subject for 2 seconds on a distance from 0 to 500 feet and make the subject incapable of moving towards the light.

Who Should use the Tactical G700 Flashlight?
The multipurpose features on the G700 make this flashlight a perfect pick for both home and outdoor use. Users however must be aware of the danger of blinding people with the flashlight and they should take full responsibility when using the flashlight for self-defense.
The G700 is designed for outdoor use. This doesn’t mean that it can’t or shouldn’t be used indoors. However, since its original purpose was to reach a big distance, an indoor use will block its full capacity.
To make it practical for multiple types of spaces, Lumitact developed a very fast distance adjuster that can be easily maneuvered by simply stretching and squeezing the head of the flashlight. The purpose of this revolutionary focusing concept is allow soldiers to use the flashlight single-handedly while they use the other hand to hold their weapon.

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Mounting options – You can mount the G700 on a bike, on a rifle or anywhere else you need it. The mount grip can easily be attached to everything hard enough to hold the weight of the G700.

Battery charger & power options

Tactical G700 Flashlight box includes a single 4 volts rechargeable battery and the adapter. If you want a longer lasting battery than the single battery performs much better than the 3 AAA batteries.
Along with the charger also comes a car adopter that lets you change your batteries while on a trip or at work. There are also other options for charging the Tactical G700 Flashlight like via a USB.

Morse code Features

Using the Morse code where letters are defined by the duration of the light intervals, the Tactical G700 Flashlight is programed to signalize an SOS message. This is one of the features that makes this flashlight military since soldiers may need these kind of survival tools but the feature is also practical to regular citizens who want to have their survival kit ready for whenever is needed.
If you understand the Morse code you can also send entire messages since the power on/off button is very sensitive. By half-pressing the button you can temporarily shut down the light and turn it on again by simply releasing the button.

With a high end high quality glass lens, the Tactical G700 Flashlight never disperses the light. The effect of that is a highly concentrated beam that can reach further than other retail flashlights.

The original Tactical G700 flashlight is currently sold exclusively online. You must avoid purchasing it on Amazon or eBay because there are a lot of replicas and fake versions that look exactly like the Tactical G700 Flashlight. The technology used on those flashlights is not comparable to the original Tactical G700 Flashlight.

The Tactical G700 Flashlight is normally priced at $224.45, however the discounted price available for today is $56. With every order there is also free worldwide shipping.

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