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soleilglo Teeth Whitening

SoleilGlo Review

A bright beautiful smile will change your life!

Do you wish to smile and laugh confidently in public?
You know how important a first impression is, either you are going on a first date, preparing for your wedding day or a business meeting, a bright smile makes you stand out from the crowd, inspire health and confidence!

People usually think that flossing and brushing the teeth is enough to maintain a beautiful and enhance the whiteness of your teeth but actually it’s not. You need some extra care and attention in order to achieve your goal. But wait, help is here! You can save your pocket from spending hundreds of dollars on dentist visits which are overpriced and time-consuming.

SoleilGlo, an advanced teeth whitening process that is specifically designed to brighten your teeth within one or two weeks only after its day-to-day use.
Save yourself from paying huge bucks to the expensive dental visits. This pocket-friendly and time-saving method helps you in making your teeth completely brighter in a hassle-free manner, while you are at work or while you are at home.
This brand new system will whiten your teeth up to 7 shades with just the use of one kit.


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What is available in the Soleil Glo Kit?

Extreme Whitening Gel
It’s a very efficacious gel that doesn’t affect teeth sensitivity and it is high in viscosity. This gel is specifically made of using a combination of all-natural and high-quality ingretientes. It’s the newest gel available that assist in teeth whitening and brightening with no negative effects.

Teeth Trays
The trays are extremely flexible and that is why they don’t require to be molded to fit into anyone’s teeth. They are silicone duplex trays which are absolutely soft and flexible so as to ensure the best contact with your teeth ant the whitening Gel.

The UV Accelerator
It uses the light technology for activating the active ingredients present in the gel and penetrating deep into your teeth structure. This mini LED light basically assists in activating the ingredients in the gel.
Dentists can be expensive, especially with specialty services such as teeth whitening. Teeth whitening systems are widely popular, and trying several products may result in disappointment. SoleilGlo delivers 100% satisfaction and amazing rezults with just the use of one KIT!

SoleilGlo Kit Contents:
3 ct – 3ml Peroxide Free Whitening Gel
2 ct – Moldable Mouth Trays
1 ct – Mouth Tray Box
1 ct – Mini LED Light
1 ct – Shade Guides
1 ct – User’s Manual

Main Ingredients of The Peroxide Free Whitening Gel: Sodium chlorite, EDTA, Glycerin, Cellulose gum.

soleilglo Kit

How to use SoleilGlo?

1st Step: brush your teeth and rinse your mouth completely to remove any impediments.

2nd Step: Add gel to the tray and place the tray between your teeth. Do not add excessive amount of gel in the tray.

3rd Step: After placing the tray for 20-25 minutes take it out and use the UV accelerator which you need to fit into your mouth. Relax your mouth, do not bite too hard. Keep the UV accelerator for 15 minutes.

SoleilGlo Teeth Whitening Kit, provides significant long-term benefits, such as:soleilglo Teeth Whitening

White and pearly teeth
Lower costs compared with any other teeth whitening treatments
Easy to apply method, ready to use in the comfort of your own home
Cleaner, healthier teeth
A powerful confident smile
A younger, glowing look
A better oral hygiene level
Lowers the frequency of dentist visits

Our teeth start to lose its natural shine when we start to age. Apart from the age factor, also blame it on our daily consumption of foods and beverages. The most frequent pigment stains leading to yellow and non aesthetic teeth are caused by:

Coffee: regular consumption of coffee, exposed tooth enamel to be attacked by caffeine and small particles to penetrate the ridges. With time, this will lead to discoloration, stains and a cracked enamel opened to further oral health complications.

Tea and red wine: tea and red wine are the most invasive of drinks if considering teeth staining. If a tea and red wine enthusiast, make sure you vigorously clean your teeth after each serving, in order to avoid unpleasant staining.

Heavy smoking: nicotine and tar in cigarettes are damaging both gums and teeth enamel, causing inflammation, gum retractions, bad breath and plaque build-up.

Sugars: sugar destroys the enamel on the teeth. Sugars are the number one reason of Tooth Decay.

SoleilGlo Advanced Teeth Whitening System supports tooth decay prevention, protects against tartar build-ups and gets you one step closer to the healthy and confident pearly-white smile.

SoleilGlo is a triple action approach to tooth whitening. It goes far beyond conventional dental procedures and whitening products you can use at home. SoleilGLO works as effectively as hydrogen peroxide treatments that the dentists use, however, without the high cost, and the multiple trips to the dentist’s office.
You can Order SoleilGlo Teeth Whitening Kit Worldwide!

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