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White Light Smile Whitening

For a bright white smile you often need to get some kind of surgery. Not only is this painful, but it is very expensive. With the White Light Smile, you get to have those sparkling white teeth that you’ve always dreamed of.

White Light Smile is a non-surgical teeth whitening solution that comes in a nifty little kit. The kit contains all of the necessary tools to procure that beautiful, bright, and white smile.

Every kit is made out of highly durable materials so that you do not need to worry about replacement parts. Moreover, the kit not only brightens your smile, but it also supports positive oral health.

The kit utilizes the power of LED light, which helps you achieve a brighter and lighter smile in a matter of minutes. White Light Smile is also FDA approved, thereby ensuring that you are safely brightening your smile.

Whitening Touch-Up PenWhite-light-smile

The gel pen has been specially formulated not to need any mouth trays, simply brush on to your teeth and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing your mouth out. White Light Smile whitening pens are designed to be small enough to carry around with you wherever you go. The women love these as they go nicely in the handbag but men like them too as they are so discreet. They are ideal for using after smoking or drinking and eating colourful food and drink such as red wine or curry. Most competitors only offer such pens as an added up-sell at extra cost but the White Light Smile kit includes one as standard.

Hygienic mouth tray holder

When it comes to putting things in to your mouth safety and hygiene are the primary concerns. This is why the kit comes with a hygienic comfort mouth tray holder for safe storage.

The tray holder will not only help to avoid any bacteria or germs production between use but it will also ensure there is no mess in your bathroom cabinet. Once you have completed your whitening treatment, simply rinse your mouth tray and then put in to your mouth tray container and shut the lid.

Waterproof Travel Bag

White Light Smile kit contains a waterproof PVC travel bag which provides you a secure storage solution at home and a safe portable one for when you travel. There is also a zip to ensure everything remains secure. Your teeth whitening kit have to be kept safe and protected, no matter where you go.

Keep in mind that the bag is slightly larger than it needs to be. This means you can without difficulty add some more toiletries when you are travelling. Because our gel comes in 10ml dispensers, it is also well within the USA liquid allowance on flights so you can easily take your kit abroad with you.

EASY AS 1-2-3

Step 1: Put a thin layer of White Light Smile Gel in the top and bottom parts of the mouth tray and place in mouth to cover the teeth.

Step 2: Turn on the led light and place over exposed mouth tray, leave in place for 20-30 minutes.

Step 3: Remove and rinse the tray and then place back in to the tray holder.

That’s it! Just three steps, no irritation and no sensitivity. Just repeat this process twice daily and within a few days you will have a smile you can be proud of, in fact many customers notice results after the very first treatment.

Effective– Fast results in a few days
Affordable– Professional treatments are expensive
Safe– No sensitivity and no risky side effects

White Light Smile is all three of these things so you do not have to make any compromises. It’s one of the most popular at-home teeth whitening kits around and for good reason. As the name suggests it is a non-peroxide recipe which means it does not source any of the side effects you may have previously expected from a teeth whitening procedure, so you can try today with no risk.

White Light Smile

White Light Smile Review

Something we were hesitant about was sensitivity. With other whitening products, like strips and pens, there is a limit to how often you can do it. And you may end up cutting back on your own due to sensitivity. With a lot of these products, they wear the enamel down on your teeth, meaning you will get shocks of pain and sensitivity to cold, hot or sweet foods or drinks. In some cases, it can completely cancel out all the good whitening work its done so far, because it just gets to be too much.

With White Light Smile, we found there is absolutely no discomfort whatsoever. It seems to be completely pain-free whitening since it is just a light that’s whitening your teeth. It uses the energy that comes from light to bring your teeth up to pearly-white level.

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